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WP Engine: Why It’s Our Choice for Web Hosting

*We are WP Engine affiliates, but were not compensated for this post.

When we begin a new web design for our clients, one of the most important things to iron out from (the very beginning) is web hosting. As we have mentioned before we are a WordPress agency and as a result we are always on the search for the most complementary tools for our client’s sites.

When it comes to web hosting, after trying out a wide array of competitors like GoDaddy, BlueHost, and more we’ve narrowed it to your web hosting company: WP Engine.

Here’s why we’re glad to be WP Engine affiliates:

Specialized Tools

Let’s get technical — WP Engine provides users with unique capabilities that would otherwise require additional spending or working with a third party service provider. One of the major benefits: staging. Even if your old website is not the absolute best, you never want to be without a website. As part of their web hosting package, WP Engine includes a staging site for all new websites. So you can work on your new website, with the old one still being in place.

In a recent post we did, “My Website Crashed…” we discussed the important of retrieving back ups and using staging sites to fix the problem. Wouldn’t it be great if we could access those without having to go through the hassle of searching for another company to help?

To follow up on the discussion on website crashes, let’s talk about the security and enhancement features. WP Engine provides daily and manual backups to make sure you’re always protected from the unexpected. Moreover, their regular updates help keep your load times running fast!

WordPress Focused

We have an appreciation for businesses that don’t try to be the best at everything. WP Engine offers kick ass services for WordPress users and that’s it. They’re not trying to charge you an extra $5.99 for SEO services that don’t support any of your goals. Because they only service WordPress, WP Engine is constantly innovating to improve the user experience. Instead of investing time in add-ons that don’t work, they invest their efforts in providing real solutions to WordPress site owners.

Empowers Users

One of the reasons we really appreciate the service WP Engine offers is it aligns with the standards of how we do business. Ultimately, we would like to create websites that will enable our clients to meet their business goals. The only way we see them doing that is by providing them with a product that is reliable and easy to use.

WP Engine allows users to do things like recover backups and make changes with the click of a button. When we compare these functions to their competitors it just doesn’t stack up. They will charge fees to access your website’s backups that we believe you should have access to already.

And they’re not just good at what they do — they offer great support too. Their support team replies to questions quickly to help you solve problems. Their transparency as a company doesn’t hurt either. If there is an issue, they own it. WP Engine address glitches quickly and they communicate it to users.

WP Engine’s superior ease of use makes it the ideal web hosting provider to share with our clients because of the confidence it gives us.

If you’re looking for a web design agency that uses WPEngine, contact us today!

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