Web Design


First impressions are everything


Just like garlic breath can destroy a first date, a painfully slow or non-existent website can leave your customers running for the hills ... and straight into the arms of your competitors.

To woo today’s savvy web users and make your site successful, it may be time for a major makeover. 852 Creative Marketing & Design will put our design skills, technical knowledge and business development to work to create an unforgettable first impression: a personalized product that’s out of this world.


“Show me the money”

A website that captivates people maximizes lead generations and cultivates conversions. Technical jargon is great, but is it creating revenue for your business? We’re prepared to talk the talk and walk the money-making walk. We take pride in our creativity but we value results. That is why each of our websites IS built to make your business boom.


If you can dream it, we can build it.

We’ve developed sites of every kind for our clients, from e-commerce to real estate (IDX). Best of all, we stay abreast of the latest design and technology, so you can count on setting trends and staying ahead of your competitors.


WordPress Mavens

We specialize in WordPress development, and we can seamlessly craft your one-of-a-kind site on the latest and greatest CMS tool.

Building your site on a WordPress platform means it will be completely customizable, up-to-date with the latest software, easy to maintain, able to grow and change and come equipped with the world’s top blog tool.

Its ease of use is second to none which makes it the best option for our clients. Although we are always just a phone call away, our clients can feel empowered to access the back end and adjust settings at their discretion, giving them control over their site!


Things we won’t do

We’re a web design company that loves your branding but we won’t fill your site with fluff. 852 CMD sites are custom-designed and built with your needs and expectations in mind.

That is precisely why:

  • You won’t see us mass fabricating stale designs. We threw out the cookie-cutter years ago. Your website is more than a selling tool it is an expression of your brand. Expect personalized designs each time.
  • We don’t do Flash. It may look pretty but it kills your Google rankings and site load time. Oh and it’s a bust on most Apple products. We’ll create something that looks just as amazing and keeps you scoring high on search engines.
  • Desktop-only websites are not in our vocabulary. 852 CMD sites are responsive, made for all devices, all platforms, all purposes -- and all for one price.