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How To Use Instagram Ads for Business

Instagram Ads are relatively new to small and mid-sized companies. We highly recommend businesses, especially those advertising directly to consumers, to begin investing on this tool. If you haven’t scrolled down your Instagram feed in a while this is what it looks like:

FIU Instagram Ads

Instagram has become easily integrated into the same system we use to advertise on Facebook. You can use your ad manager to promote posts and drive traffic directly to your site.

To get you started we’re sharing some basic guidelines for advertising on Instagram:

Creating Instagram Ads

You can create Instagram Ads using these 3 tools:

1. Power Editor.  Sorry Safari users, Facebook requires you to use Google Chrome to enable Power Editor to develop and manage your ad campaigns. What is it exactly? Power Editor is a tool provided by Facebook for advertisers to manage large scale ad campaigns.

2. Facebook Ads API. This option is for developers. We suggest you leave this one to the professionals.

3. Ad Creation. Manage your budget, audience, locations and more in your ad manager. You have a wide range of options to choose from, just make sure to pick the right objective that will meet your goals. This is what it looks like:

Facebook Instagram Ad Manager

Image from Facebook.

Instagram Ad Guidelines

If you are familiar with Facebook Ad Guidelines, the rules are pretty much the same. Just in case you need a refresher we’re including tips from Facebook itself:

 1. Images should have not exceed 20% text. This helps Facebook maintain a high standard for content. They believe users will be more engaged with graphics that contain less text.

2. Ads should be conscious of age appropriate content. This guideline is meant mostly for products like alcohol. If you try to promote a post with alcohol to an audience that is underage, you can count on having your ad disapproved.

 3. Content should abide by all applicable laws and regulation. Have a legal team? This is a good time to consult them. Depending on the nature of your business it may be worth developing a legal guideline for your social team or have them approve every post.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today to discuss how we can use Instagram Ads to meet your business goals.