Authenticity: The Best Branding Strategy for Realtors

For most customers, purchasing or selling property is a huge undertaking. One that requires trust. Upon meeting you, customers will likely go through a process of trying to verify your credibility and authenticity.

So, how do you demonstrate you’re the most qualified realtor?

To position yourself as a leader in the industry, in this case, real estate, you have to execute the best branding strategy: authenticity. Harvard Business Review  actually calls authenticity the “gold standard for leadership.”  Maybe because it is something that is hard to fake. Being authentic in business requires confidence, introspection, and is the ultimate balancing act.

According to Harvard Business Review, authenticity in leadership can be broken down into 3 basic traits:

  1.  Authentic leaders are true to themselves.
  2.  Authentic leaders are consistent with what they feel and say or do.
  3.  Authentic leaders make values-based decisions.

How do we incorporate this into not only our leadership style, but out real estate marketing as well?

Find What Makes You Special.

The first step to finding authenticity is to find out what makes you unique and use it. Is your family important to you? Maybe your furry friend? Incorporate things you love and care about into your personal branding strategy. Your copy, design, and more should tell a story about who you are while keeping it professional. You and your client could bond over a hobby you have in common but they don’t have to know about your weekend bender. A fun way to incorporate your personality is using a short tag line. Be creative, witty, and keep in mind that this is what people will remember you by.

Advice: “Another home sold by…” is great but keep it personal! People can tell immediately if you are trying to be something you’re not. In real estate, and in other industries, if you want to be trusted, you have to be authentic. Make sure your tagline is consistent with the rest of your brand.

Invest in Personalized Designs.

One of the best investments you can make aside from having a website designed, is a personalized logo. With the correct color scheme and the right tagline or motto, your personalized logo can be a great visual to distinguish you from your competitors. When meeting with a designer, you will need to have just a few things in mind. Firstly, choose icons and fonts that are easy on the eyes and ready for use in print and online. Keep in mind again that this logo and color scheme will be everywhere.

In working with professionals for personalized designs, the key to keeping it “authentic” is consistency. Although it may be tempting to change things up every once in a while, once you have an established design refrain from making any erratic or severe changes to your website design or logo. Also, make sure to use it on all of your materials. We can’t tell you how many times realtors will have logos designed and they cannot be found on business cards or websites.

Always Sell Your (Authentic) Self.

Even the most seasoned real estate professional can get preoccupied with the job at hand and can forget to sell themselves. Although your priority should always be providing the best service, the best way to distinguish yourself from the competition is by “selling” yourself. To do this without seeming like a used car salesman, highlight the aspects of your professional career you’re most proud of in a way your client can relate.

Have you sold 20 homes last month? – Discussing this can build confidence for a client who is trying to sell soon.

Do you sell homes in exclusive neighborhoods? – Expressing your knowledge of key neighborhoods can qualify you in areas where other real estate professionals are not as well versed.

Use personal anecdotes that you are most fond of in the form of website copy or blog posts to help bolster your credibility and identity. Use pictures or social media to post a family finding their dream home or showcase a brand new luxury listing.

As real estate professionals, you are ultimately selling yourself and your listings. The best branding strategy for realtors is authenticity. By being true to your personal brand, you can easily build better relationships with your target audience.

Next time you meet with your client, be prepared! Get in touch with us to discuss how we can build an authentic and effective branding strategy for your business.