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Social Media for Social Good: 3 Brands Doing It Right

As a web design and digital marketing agency, we enjoy reading and writing about the latest trends – especially in social media. In the social media industry, we have seen great branding and creative ingenuity involved in developing viral campaigns. Today we are discussing something a bit different – social media used for social good.

Sometimes, the best campaigns bring awareness to causes much larger than a product or a brand. Below we have included three of our favorites featuring TOMS, Johnnie Walker and 7Up.

One Day Without Shoes – TOMS

TOMS is a California-based clothing company that became famous because of their “buy one, give one” donations. Although it is a for-profit company, their philanthropic policies drove their success and marketing campaigns. One of their most successful campaigns included One Day Without Shoes.

You can watch TOMS One Day #WithoutShoes below:

TOMS’ One Day #WithoutShoes increased engagement for the brand and increased awareness for third world countries struggling to provide children and adults with adequate footwear.

Ode to Lesvos – Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is a popular brand of scotch whiskey that originated in Scotland. This brand is more widely known for its high-end lifestyle advertising, so when we came across their Youtube Campaign Ode to Lesvos, we were pleasantly surprised.

You can watch Ode to Lesvos below. There may be sensitive material for some viewers, please watch at your own risk.

Ode to Lesvos is a short film dedicated to the city of Lesvos in Greece. Johnnie Walker recognizes the small city for its heroism in their support during the Syrian refugee crisis. In their Youtube series, you can get to know how each member of their community played a role in healing the people that came to their shore, for a story that is truly inspiring.

Music Lifts You Up- 7Up

7Up is popular caffeine-free soft drink that is known for its colorful and sometime humorous TV advertising. Out of all of their soft drink competitors, 7Up has one of the most successful YouTube campaigns with their series Music Lifts You Up.

You can watch the Music Lifts You Up below.

In the YouTube video Music Lifts You Up, 7Up partners up with music artist Martin Garrix to create a “Concert for the Deaf.” This concert combines the most popular music of the time with visual and motion installations. 7Up’s emotional video brings awareness and creates a spectacular experience young adults with hearing impairments.

Bringing awareness to a cause can be rewarding for businesses and their fans. Contact 852 CMD today if you are interested in doing social media for social good.