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Social Media Holidays: Tips Before You Post

Imagine living in a world where every day was a holiday. Oh, wait – there’s no need to imagine it because every day IS a holiday (in the social media world, that is)!

Ever scrolled through your Instagram feed on what you thought was a regular day to see those you follow posting photos for #NationalChocolateMilkDay, #NationalPancakeDay, #NationalDrinkBeerDay and many other bizarre “holidays”? You may have even joined in on the fun a few times from your personal account, but ensuring that your brand also joins in can prove to be very beneficial for its social media presence.

Take a look at this post from IHOP’s social media page for #NationalPancakeDay:

Social Media Holiday National Pancake Day IHOP FB Post

Social media holidays are really just days in which thousands of people and savvy marketers use a trending hashtag to post photos. While this may sound trivial, when done right, celebrating such holidays can help your brand reach hundreds and even thousands of people, it serves as an incredible way to engage with your followers, and it helps to humanize your brand. Here are three practices to follow when adding such days to your editorial calendar:


Can you think of anything worse than being too early or late to a celebration? You probably can, but the point is that it’s pretty bad, especially for a brand on social media. Before joining in on the next celebration, make sure to keep in mind that some dates fluctuate, and you should always double check before posting. There are several social media holiday calendars out there, and you should always use at least two to verify a date.

Be Picky

Every day truly is a holiday on social media, but that doesn’t mean your brand should celebrate them all. With so many dates floating around, this just means that you have more options. Just choose to participate in those that fit well.

World Events Always Win

Always be aware of current events before celebrating. For example, if you post about  #NationalIceCreamConeDay, but ignore Veteran’s Day, that could have a completely different turnout from what you expected.

Here’s a list of upcoming September social media holidays we think you’ll like! Check them out and remember to verify:

  • September 22: #NationalIceCreamConeDay
  • September 29: #NationalCoffeeDay

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