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EHDOC: A Web Design Case Study

When the Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation (EHDOC) approached us, we were thrilled to take on the task of improving their website. They were ready to update the style and function of their site to increase awareness for their organization, increase donations and improve engagement online.

The EHDOC is an advocate for seniors and senior living based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This non profit organization was originally founded in 1978 as the National Council of Senior Citizens Housing Management Corporation. The EHDOC works today to provide “safe, secure, and affordable housing for senior citizens across the United States.”

We began working to create a web design that retained some of the personality of the previous site with an updated feel. We worked to make sure the new website design adhered to Google’s mobile and website guidelines so their online presence would improve.

The results were fantastic! Here are a few snapshots of our changes:

EHDOC Website Screenshot

Their original website (shown above) was focused on community and exuded a warm and caring personality. Although the site appeared to function quite well, there were a few details that needed to be updated. For instance, the layout appeared to be outdated, the navigation menu may not have been the best for mobile users and donation options did not appear to be very clear.

Moving forward, we wanted to create a website for EHDOC that had more free space for easier navigation, gave links enough space for improved (mobile) user experience, and retained the lively experience provided by the original site.

Here is a look at their new website:

Screen shot EHDOC new website

We created a layout that scrolls and immediately takes you to learn more or donate to the organization – which helped us meet our client’s goals of awareness and donations. As you scroll down you will notice that we kept some details that made their website unique.

Such as their quote of the day:

Screen shot of motivational quote on EHDOC website

We also simplified the navigation process by separating links and making their website mobile friendly. Notice how the words are more legible and the content is less crowded.  You can see the before and after here:

Screen shot Old EHDOC Navigation Bar
Previous EHDOC Navigation (BEFORE)
Screenshot EHDOC New Navigation
New EHDOC Navigation Bar (AFTER)










All in all, EHDOC was a spectacular client and we were very happy with the updated look. We hope the changes made, brings more attention to the great work they do!

We are always excited to work with new clients to improve or create new website designs. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today!

For more information on the EHDOC click here.