Building An SEO Friendly Website

When you’re designing a new website, SEO should be at the forefront of your concerns. Building an SEO friendly website does not have to be difficult, but you do need a design that supports your goals. Many times, we find that our SEO clients come to us with websites that actually work against their online visibility.

If you’re considering a new website or are looking to hire a new SEO agency, we’re counting down tips to help you build an SEO friendly website:

Start With Keyword Search

Online marketers use Google’s Keyword Planner among other tools to identify which keywords to use for your website. Keywords are used to help search engine users find your website and they also help you find the right audience. These keywords are incorporated into your pages and content. They are so important, they can often influence the makeup of your site. Therefore, it is crucial to consider keywords as soon as you begin working with a new web designer or agency.

Check Your URLs

Once a hired digital professional does adequate research on keywords, you need to make sure those keywords are regularly (and organically) found in your URL’s, your content and on various pages.

One of the more common areas where keywords are overlooked are URLs. Another word for them are”permalinks,” and they are the virtual address to any given page or website online. It is important that your permalinks provide detail to search engines like Google, to help users locate the right pages quickly and easily.

To give you an example, this is what a good permalink looks like:

A bad one would look like this: 

As you can see here, one link provides more information about the site you are visiting than the other. Your web designer or developer should be able to make sure these are done correctly!

Incorporate Social Media

It has been seen time and time again, Google is using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to rank some websites higher than others. Update your profiles regularly to help your SEO strategy. Also, make sure to include share and follow buttons on your website!

Responsive Designs Are A Must

Making sure your website is optimized for the web is hard work and without a responsive design it could all be done for nothing. Search engines like Google penalize websites that are slow to load or not mobile-ready. In other words, you can employ great SEO strategies but if your website is not mobile-ready it won’t be seen online.

It is so important for business owners to take their time when they are planning for a new website. There are so many factors to consider and SEO should be a priority, from the very beginning. A great SEO strategy begins at the design level. After all, what is a great website if it can’t be found online? Hire an agency that has the same foresight and can build a site that will support your future goals online.

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