Branding with Michelle Villalobos

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Every fall, female business leaders get together in Miami for the annual Women’s Leadership Summit. Not surprisingly, this conference has quickly become one of South Florida’s largest networking events for entrepreneurial women. The founder and highlight of the conference is Michelle Villalobos.

With her mission to help everyone “get ahead, get noticed, and get promoted” it was inevitable we would reach out to find out about what made her branding so successful. More importantly, we wanted to find out how we can translate this into effective branding campaigns for our clients.
As a branding expert, Villalobos has provided her talents to clients big and small. Her experience working with corporate powerhouses like Burger King, American Express, Audi, Constant Contact and more make her an electric speaker as well as an entrepreneur that we know drives results.

We reached out to her recently to discuss what makes her brand unique, below is our interview:

1. Based on your personal character, morals, ethics and practices, what are the three brands that you feel you identify with?

Mini Cooper, Living Libations and Tesla.

2. Within the crowd of your peers, what of yourself do you feel that allows you to stand out from the rest either in a forum, thread, or crowded room?

a. The way my brand LOOKS – which started with my headshots, bright colors and an authentically “Michelle” look and feel.
b. My MESSAGE & MISSION – how to market and promote yourself with integrity – which resonates with my target audience, women.
c. My commitment to delivering VALUE whenever and wherever possible.

3. What are common branding mistakes have you seen? Did you ever make the same mistakes, if so how do you fix them?

I’ve seen so many, and committed most of them myself!! My biggest mistake, at the beginning of my career, was that I branded myself completely inauthentically. I tried to be someone I wasn’t in order to generate business. I see people doing this all the time – they try to fit themselves into what they think the market wants (AKA: try to be MARKETABLE) but they lose sight of their personality, strengths and true nature. The market doesn’t respond well to inauthentic, canned marketing, it’s just too jaded and saturated.

4. With the 2016 Presidential election, the topic “politically correct” has been on the spotlight. What do you think of it in terms of personal branding? Is it a Do or Don’t in your opinion?

Absolutely DON’T be politically correct – unless THAT’S authentic for you! Be real and your target audience will love you – and the haters are going to hate no matter what. But when you have haters, you know you’ve truly arrived. 🙂

Our biggest takeaway from speaking with Michelle Villalobos was to embrace your most authentic self. Whether you are making a business deal or re-branding your business identify your strengths and run with it!

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Visit Michelle Villalobos at some of her upcoming events:
November, 2015: The Women’s Success Summit
June, 2016: Superstar Speaker Academy