Adding Fall Flavor to Your Restaurant’s Online Marketing

The first Starbuck’s PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) has been purchased which means… it’s time to prepare for the Fall season as well as the holidays. Chances are you have already begun adorning your restaurant with seasonal centerpieces, maybe some Halloween decor, but have you given thought to your online marketing?

While some of the biggest holidays are a few month’s away, the time to plan is now. Making updates to your website and creating your digital strategy should be your priority in the coming weeks. Work with your team to put together a calendar of upcoming events and holidays to coordinate your changes online.

Here are some ideas to add fall flavor to your restaurant’s online marketing:

Get creative with hashtags!

If you are a smaller restaurant it can be difficult to garner attention off of your own hashtag. That is where the creativity comes in. We recommend developing fun hashtags and partnering up with other local businesses to use the same one. In collaborating with other businesses you can expand your reach to new customers in your community.

Promote your seasonal menu.

Pumpkin is a huge fall staple that most restaurants have incorporated into their menu, mostly after the success of Starbuck’s campaign for the PSL seen below. Although their campaign was carefully orchestrated, you can take some notes from their campaign and incorporate it into your strategy.

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte instagram post
Photo credit: Instagram user @Starbucks

Once you have developed a seasonal menu, announce it on social media. Instagram is an incredibly useful tool for your restaurant’s online marketing, so start there first! Email marketing campaigns should also feature the newest additions to your seasonal menu and you should consider using a web banner or your season menu uploaded to your website.

Host Contests Online

You can encourage your customers to engage with your brand online by offering contests. Host costume contests and ask your fans to share pictures or fun memories with you online and offer complimentary drinks or appetizers for winners. The great thing about these contests is that it can extend from your restaurant to your website or social media platforms.

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