4 Tips for Creating Copy that Sells

The internet is endless. There are thousands of websites offering similar services, products, and everything in between. When you’re selling online do you feel confident about what you’re offering? Are you effectively putting your products and services into writing?

Do your words SELL?

This is where copywriting takes charge. The purpose of crafting copy is to persuade your readers to “buy, buy, buy.” Here are a few suggestions on how to write a copy that sells.

Building Trust with Copy

You can’t buy our love – or trust. Written copy is the first place to build credibility. Our first tip? Steer clear of  sleazy marketing tactics and avoid all unnecessary hype. Why? Savvy consumers can sniff out “cheesy” tactics. Instead, allow testimonials, specific details of your product’s benefits to the customer, exact ways on how it works, and accolades you’ve received to do most of the talking. Pictures (where applicable) with appropriate copy can also support your claims. Most important of all, be human. Recognize your customers’ pain and show how you are, too, vulnerable to their struggles. Show your customers how genuinely you want to help them because you’ve been there too!

Only Available for a Limited Time!

Your copy’s purpose is to make a customer act right away. Not after few hours, not tomorrow. If your copy fails to do that, it has already failed you. After someone’s put you off, your chances of completing a sale decreases tenfold. By offering a competitive deal, over a limited time, your copy should be leading them to act now before it’s too late. It’s safe to say that all of us are wired to not want to miss on a good offer. And this can obviously be used to your advantage. Whenever someone feels a sense of urgency from your copy, it changes the way they decide. Why not bank on that?

Benefits vs. Features

Have you ever heard of the phrase “People don’t buy products; they buy a better version of themselves?” That rings true for every marketing effort. The details of your product, how it works, the engineering behind it, the process, the number of screws it has, the horsepower of your car, the resolution size of your screen—those are your product’s features. People don’t buy them, they settle for it. Consumers buy prestige, sex appeal, the smile on their wives’ faces, better and deeper sleep. They buy respect from colleagues and love from their kids. Use features and lifestyle to emphasize benefits and not the other way around. That makes people read every single word of your copy with eyes wide-open.

Fun to Read and Person-Oriented

Copy that sells has to be fun to read. Boring just doesn’t sell. Potential buyers shouldn’t (and wouldn’t) have to try to read your descriptions while their mind and eyes are looking for more entertaining things. When your copy is competing with the main attractions (your product or service) it should be an exciting experience on its own.

Entertain your reader by being bold. Never forget to intrigue the reader, surprise them, and make them feel as they read your copy. Being bland is terrible but you have to stay believable. There is a thin line between eccentricity and insanity. You also can’t throw your credibility out the window! You can find balance by targeting customer emotions, the problems you are trying to solve, and relating to the reader.

A copy that sells speaks to humans as creatures of emotions and desires. Not to business entities, not to corporations, not to robots. The purchasing starts from a desire or a need from a person and banking on that, making your copy personable and engaging, you are bound to increase sales and create returning customers!

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