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3 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following

When Twitter first reached its height in popularity, there were so many apps available to help you grow your twitter following. As time went on, Twitter began removing these apps because it tampered with the platform. Companies began creating ‘bots’ or fake users to inflate the number of followers you had, which ruined the experience. It came to a point where you didn’t know if users were real or fake.

Since then, we have had to create organic methods to grow our Twitter profiles quickly. So our recommendation is to go back to basics. Here are 3 ways to grow your Twitter following:

Build relationships with Influencers.

Bloggers, famous Twitter users, Comedians are all great people to engage with on Twitter. Great influencers have large (organic) twitter followings that regularly send out tweets with high engagement rates. You can use tools like Klear, to help you identify those influencers that are most aligned with your brand. Since Twitter allows users to see the conversations live, you are likely to get some new followers from positive exchanges with those influencers.

Send tweets with images or video.

Whether you are tweeting using hashtags or just sending out messages into the Twitter-verse, you should always consider using images or videos to accompany them. Here is an example from our Twitter feed:


According to Entrepreneur, tweets with images have 150% more retweets, 89% more favorites, and 15% more click-through. All-in-all, there is so much more engagement when you use visual media!

Use trending hashtags.

Twitter is a platform that is all about having conversations. There is no better way to engage in new conversations with potential fans than by using trending or relevant hashtags. You can use tools like Tagboard to see the latest posts across all platforms for any given hashtag. This can help you monitor what the general public has to say about a given subject and how it differs across platforms.

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