3 Basic Tips to Help You Build a Secure Website

It seems like almost every day we hear about another website hack on the news. Website security has become so important for business owners. Whether you are using a website for E-commerce or simply as a means for customers to discover you, the online success of your business depends on having a secure website.

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of keeping SEO in mind when building a new website. Similar to SEO, you should consider security as part of your framework when building a website from scratch. To get you started, we are including 3 short tips to build a secure website:

Research your hosting company.

Not all hosting companies are created equal. Make sure the hosting company you choose provides additional security options. Those services will almost never tell you that they are more prone to hacking or security threats. Use reviews to find out how they handle breaches and customer service. If something happens to your website, it’s important for you to know if and how your hosting company can help.

At 852CMD, WP Engine is our first choice for web hosting. We believe in it so much, we are proud WP Engine affiliates and use it for all of our clients. Read more about why WP Engine is our preferred host here.

Pick a CMS that is right for you.

Content Management Systems (CMS) are rumored to be more susceptible to being hacked. This isn’t necessarily untrue. Due to the overwhelming popularity of CMS’s like WordPress they have become a growing target for hackers. However, the benefit of working with such a large CMS with an established reputation for security and resources is constant improvement.

With such an active community, WordPress is able to identify threats quickly and provide updates to users that address issues before they happen. We strongly recommend working with a CMS that has those capabilities. While there are other options out there, we find that WordPress offers the best services for our clients.

Hire an agency or developer that understands plugins.

Installing plugins can put your website at a great risk. It is so important to hire a developer or agency that has experience identifying plugins that work well with your existing site and that come from trusted sources. The same goes for updates. We cannot tell you how many stories we have heard from users who have downloaded a plugin that crashed their entire site.

Hiring an agency to take over your web maintenance, can help you prevent crashes by keeping your website updated and running efficiently with the right plugins.

Our best advice? If you are looking to build a secure website, talk to your agency or developer about what type of information you are trying to protect. Ask them what makes your site vulnerable and what you can do to prevent hacking.

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