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3 Online Tools to Use for Better Real Estate Photos

The number 1 deterrent for prospective buyers online is often the appearance of the property. One of the biggest setbacks for real estate professionals is creating real estate photos that sell. Factors such as dim lighting or poor camera angles, can make properties seem dirty and outdated, immediately turning clients off to considering them.

While you could probably hire a professional photographer to take pictures of the property, it can cost you anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. If you are trying to curb the cost, smartphones are now incorporating high quality cameras with apps that can help take your real estate photos to the next level.

To take better photos, we recommend using highly rated smartphone apps. Here are 3 online tools to use for better real estate photos:


Available on Android and iOS
Cost: $2.99+

With features better than some DSLR cameras, we recommend this app for properties with great landscaping or views of the outside. The different settings on Camera+ can help you capture small details under dim lighting. The difference between this app and others is its distinct timer feature, which is great when you’re staging a property.

A Color Story


Available on Android and iOS
Cost: Free but filters are charged separately.

Recently named “Best New App,” A Color Story features a series of filters that help your bright colors pop, regardless of lighting. The app functions similarly to Instagram, however you are able to download the images in a variety of shapes and sizes.



Available on iOS
Cost: Free

Ripl is particularly great for creating content for social media, your blog, or your website. You can quickly edit your photo and add text to point out special features on your property. Ripl’s features make it easy to share those photos to yourself or on your favorite social media channels.

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Image Credit: Instagram user alexpotiomki