10 SEO Mistakes that any Company Should Avoid


By now you have probably heard of SEO (search engine optimization) and may have tried to incorporate at least some SEO techniques into your website. If done correctly, SEO optimization can enhance your website and attract new visitors. However, there are also many potential pitfalls with SEO. Avoiding the following 10 mistakes is essential for an effective SEO strategy.

Ignoring title tags

Title tags are an important place to have a keyword because the text in a title tag appears in search results.

Not researching keywords

Choosing keywords without research can mean missing thousands of potential visitors if you are not using words people are actually searching for. Good keyword research will ensure your SEO approaches are not done in vain.

Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing or clogging your content with too many keywords can make your content unreadable which is not good for search engines, and most importantly your readers.

Building the wrong links

You need to ensure that you are building quality links. Search engines will recognize and have more respect for those quality links.

Writing too little content

Writing too little content can make your content appear to be low quality to both search engines and readers. Your content should be lengthy enough to convey your unique view on a topic or add value.

Using a flash website with no html alternative

Flash sites are not search engine friendly because Flash content can’t be read or indexed. If you must have a Flash-based website, also offer an html version which is search engine friendly.

Not using the ALT tag

Most search engines place a large emphasis on ALT tags. This means that simply naming a picture file with a keyword and ALT tags can optimize it for SEO.

Solely focusing on PageRank

PageRank is only one of hundreds of indicators used in crawling and ranking websites. Solely focusing on this aspect may cause you to neglect your ROI, analytics, and relevance, which actually hold more value.

Duplicate or Bad Content

You want to avoid content and posts discussing the same topic in a very similar manner. Search engines will recognize if you use the same content or keywords over and over. Readers will also notice and think you are running out of fresh content.

A Lack of Maintenance

SEO success requires fresh content which means you must update your website regularly. Fresh content and an up-to-date SEO strategy are two essentials for SEO optimization.

Have any great SEO tips? Have you made any of these SEO mistakes?

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